Re: help with digital camera, digitizer

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Sat, 28 Feb 1998 10:19:44 -0500

Any NTSC video card with RCA inputs will work, given the description of y=
camera. Most video cards (Intel's, Orchid, ATI Wonder, etc.) fit this
description. :-)

Haven fun.!

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Date: Saturday, February 28, 1998 10:07 AM
Subject: help with digital camera, digitizer

>I have a Ricoh RDC-300Z which can produce continuous video out, either t=
>RCA jack or serial port connection.
>I understand I need to add a video capture card to my PC, that there
>to be no way the program can recognize my card through the serial port a=
>without digitization.
>Can I use one of the TV tuner cards, such as Antec's televiewer 3D, or a=
>there others that are known to work?