Re: Mac OS 8.1 and CU-SeeMe 0.87b3

Diane Marie Chan (
Sun, 1 Mar 1998 07:58:04 +0800

Hello Mari,
I am running Mac OS 8.0 on my 7200 and experience pretty much the same
problem. I can receive video and audio fine. All features working nicely.
Other party receives my video. BUT as soon as I try to transmit audio,
CRASH--the machine hangs. I don't know whether the Monitors and Sound
control panel in Mac OS 8.0 is so very different from that of Mac OS 8.1.
It is definitely a switch from the Sound control panel in 7.5.5. Ever since
my upgrade, I haven't been able to switch audio output to the CPU's
speaker; it seems to be permanently muted. Not that I want to switch,
anyway, because the monitor's speakers are superior to the CPU's speaker
any day (I haven't yet tried connecting speakers to my setup). Anyway, I'm
sorry that I have no answers for you. I've nearly given up trying to get
video conferencing to work with my 7200. Someone suggested that it's my
modem (GV Teleport Platinum 28.8). I have yet to get hold of a higher speed
modem to try it out. Perhaps something to it, because the same version
CU-SeeMe works great with my Powerbook 3400c/240, also running Mac OS
8.0--both sending and receiving video and audio. The Powerbook has a 33.6
modem card. You didn't mention in your e-mail what machine you are using,
what modem.--Das Chan