Re: CU-SeeMe & Mac IIcx

Dick Cogger (
Sun, 1 Jan 1995 23:40:51 -0500

>For awhile now I've been watching CU-SeeMe conferences using my Mac IIcx
>and an ISDN connection @ 57K/sec. I'm thinking of getting a camera and
>becoming an active participant...question is, can my Mac IIcx running at
>16mhz do the job? Or will this be futile with my hardware? In general,
>what do you think the basic requirements are on the Mac side for a
>successful setup?

We originally aimed CU-SeeMe at the CX, so it will work up to a point. You
will definitely be cpu limited (if you're not bandwidth limited), and you
should understand that receiving 7 video streams will seriously cut into
what you can achieve as a sender. For a 2 or 3 party conference it should
be OK for some value of OK.

But what do I know? Lotsa folks seem to think that it is worth their time
to use CU-SeeMe with a 14.4 modem link. We did not aim at that, and I
think we didn't hit what we didn't aim at. But for some values of OK...
Your milage will, of course, vary. Good luck.

Happy holidays! Cheers, -Dick