Bandwidth again

Mike Stanyer (
Mon, 2 Jan 1995 17:53:15 -0500

Folks.. Its been aired before and I apologise for raising the issue... BUT
I did promise my Internet provider that I would bring it up again.

My provider (Demon Internet Services based in London UK) provides SLIP &
PPP access for its subscribers at a nice low rate ($15 per month approx
with no connect or other charges). It has about 13,000 subscribers at the
last count but its growth is pretty good (about 10% per month !)

Not surprisingly the guys at the sharp end of this service keep a pretty
close eye on who is using what bandwidth etc. CUSeeMe has a reputation for
being a pretty anti-social beast in its current protocol incarnation. They
would like to see it have an in-built flow control mechanism (as has been
mentioned once or twice before). I have pointed out that the product was
designed for another connection technology completely and that its use
outside of high performance links was NOT in the orginal design brief.

This is just another little plea for this improvement to be placed a little
higher up the wish list please.

Mike Stanyer

A semi retired IT project manager who raoms the Internet for education and
enjoyment and job seeking.