Cheapo MediaVision board problem solved, sorta

Steve Loboyko (
Tue, 3 Jan 1995 23:43:02 -0500

I just downloaded a new (6/4/94) promovie.drv from MV's BB. Now I get nice 4
bit inverted images instead of 1-bit inverted images. Obviously, the problem
is in the driver, not the board, CU-SEEME or in my Black and white camera.
All owners of the board that got it from Surplus Software probably have an
older and buggier driver. The remaining problem is probably extremely
trivial to solve. I have contacted MV's Internet tech support address and am
hoping for a response tomorrow.

Thanks to Thomas P. Donahue for giving me an insight into the problem.

To reiterate previous notes, I am a _REAL CHEAP GUY_, and the cheapest way I
could find to get into CU-SEEME for PC's was:

1. A B/W CCD camera from BG Micro, $150, then $89.95 (with a case and P/S!!)

2. A Pro Movie Studio board from Surplus Software (99.95)

I, and others, have reported problems with the PMS. But, its real cheap,
and, though obsolete somewhat, it beats the hell out of Video Blaster and
Spigot, which, IMHO, were not too good when they were released. I want to
repeat to all readers that my problems are due to the PMS driver and _NOT_
the B/W camera, which works GREAT. The driver problem should be solved soon.
So those owners, and potential owners, stay tuned. If I am permitted to do
so I will post the uuencoded driver, the sorta fixed one and, hopefully, the
fixed one. When fixed, you BETTER LEAVE ME ONE PMS BOARD AND A CAMERA, so I
can videoconference with M and P in Chicago...Unburied death to those who
would grab the last camera and board from me!

Of course, if I had the source to cu-seeme, one line of code and a check box
could fix this, whine, whine, rag, rag, although this would be
cheating...but I am not called slob for nothing...I am the oldest living
hacker, not having died at 30 from pizza, cigarettes, and cola...

Be ceeing you soon, I hope!

Steve Loboyko
Software Engineer
cR Solutions, Incorporated


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