Audio lock-up with MacIIci

Douglas Griffin (
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 15:35:04 -0500

On Dec 28th I posted the following message to this group.

> When running Cu-SeeMe with either a direct one-to-one connection or
>through a reflector I receive 5 seconds of audio and video from the other
>end. At the end of 5 seconds, the receive audio stops coming from my
>internal speaker but the receive video continues. Simultaneously at 5
>seconds, my local video locks up. The person on the other end sees a
>frozen video of me. If I click the received audio speaker icon off and on,
>all video and audio function again for another 5 seconds, then lock up
> There is no apparent difference in the problem if my audio window
>has sending on or off, if the window is opened or closed. I have the
>system described below:
>MacIIci with 20Mb ram, no cache card, 250Mb hard disk, system software 7.0.1
>Connectix QuickCam on modem port, Cu-SeeMe 68k0.70b15
>Ethernet connection to T-1 port
>Sound manager 3.0, QuickTime 2.0, Apple Multimedia Tuner 2.0
> Can anyone help with this problem?

Although I have not received any response from the Cu-SeeMe developers or
from users who knew what the problem could be, I would like to thank the
handful of other MacIIci users who e-mailed me directly saying they have
the identical problem. I find some consolation in the fact I'm not the
only frustrated Cu-SeeMe user.

I tend to believe the lock-up problem is with the way Cu-SeeMe handles
serial port audio. The Connectix supplied software and inits works well
enough through the serial port when recording QuickCam audio for QuickTime
movies and sounds. But with Cu-SeeMe the MacIIci locks-up even with
Cu-SeeMe audio sending switched off.

For those who are trying to use Cu-SeeMe and the QuickCam, I recently found
that Cu-SeeMe will work most of the time on the MacIIci if the ~QuickCamMic
init is disabled or removed. Of course with it removed, you can't record
audio for do-it-yourself QuickTime movies. But, you can listen to other
Cu-SeeMe user's audio and get a moving picture out on the net.



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