Re: Windows/Videospigot/PAL

Danny Engelman (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 06:12:25 -0500

> I'm a bit confused. Is there nobody in the whole wide world using the
> CUSEEME software on a PC and using a Videospigot or some other board
> together with a camera that sends PAL signals?

Well, I just installed a VideoBlaster SE in an IBM ValuePoint (486sx)
which was already running all other software (trumpet, Netscape etc.)
I installed Video For Windows 1.0....
I connected a Video 8 camera (composite PAL) to the VideoBlaster....
The VideoBlaster was working OK... I then copied all the CU-SEEME software
to this PC, started it.... no errors from CU-SEE-ME....had to wait around 40
seconds before the video image popped up (initialising capture pallette;
((Why does this take so long?))
I then connected to e voila I saw someone in Detroit and he
saw me.

So I think you could say it DOES work on a PC.
As far as I understand, CU-SeeMe has got nothing to do with PAL,
SECAM or NTSC signals; If CU-SeeMe can optain a Video For Windows bytestream
from the capture card it will work...

Danny Engelman

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