RE: Audio lock-up with MacIIci (fwd)

Fred S Long (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 10:40:20 -0500

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Date: Thu, 05 Jan 1995 09:51:10 -0500
From: Douglas Griffin <>
To: Fred S Long <>
Subject: RE: Audio lock-up with MacIIci

>Im using a Quadra 800, 72MB, no camera, OS7.5 with MacTCP2.0.6. My
>network connection is
***Added in forwarding* using version 0.70b15
>After starting CUSM, it works for about 5 seconds then the sound stops. The
>video continues OK. Sometimes I can click the speaker icon at the bottom
>of the video frame and the sound will be okay for another 5 seconds.
>Sometimes the sound wont return. The sound is pretty badly broken up
>when it does play -which I attribute to our reasonably high network traffic.
>The reflectors I use are at NASA,
>NYSERNET, and the campus radio station at UNC[no video]. Do you have any
>reason to think it may be refelector [refelector version] sensitive?
>Curiosity. Ive been running MacTCP Watcher and have noticed that the
>network traffic for CUSM is not "seen" by the Watcher. Does CUSM not use
>a TCP-type protocol?


The sound problem seems to be a large mess. I have also had the same
problem here. I just received a message from developer Larry Chace
( The audio is being worked on by Maven, the people
whose audio software is used in Cu-SeeMe.

As for the MacTCP Watcher, I can confirm your observations. I don't know
how they are sending Cu-SeeMe.

I would like to encourage you to post your audio problem to the group. I
have had MANY people saying they have the same problem e-mail me directly
rather than posting to the group. I think our Mac audio problem is
under-appreciated. Please help correct that.


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