Re: Where is a hosts file?

Pat Price (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 11:39:14 -0500

> I am having the same problem using the PC/Windows with PC/TCP. I set
> up a hosts file on my PC and the TCP/IP stack completely collapsed! I
> have tried unsuccessfully to have our DNS administrator to add the
> ip/Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) to the Domain Name Server.
> As a result, I have been unable to get Cu-Seeme to work. I hope that
> future versions of this software would allow a host IP address instead
> of the FQDN.
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> Patrick T. Stingley
> (301) 713-0882 x104
I am a little confused here. I am using PC/TCP with Windows and use IP
addresses all the time to access multiple reflectors. I have a reflector up
on my personal workstation (Sun SPARCclassic running Solaris 2.3) and can
access it fine with the IP address. I just add the IP address into the
connection request area and off I go. I don't have a camera yet so I can't
send anything, but have been able to receive video from multiple sources.
I'm using Windows 3.1, PC/TCP 2.31 (worked with 2.11), and DOS 6.0. Using a
hosts file shouldn't collapse the TCP/IP stack. My current PC/TCP doesn't
access a hosts file since my company provides name service, but I have used
one before with no difficulty. Wonder what is causing your problem?

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