RE: Audio lock-up with MacIIci

Robert M Coben (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 15:24:03 -0500

Douglas Griffin <> writes:
( ....stuff deleted... )
I would like to encourage you to post your audio problem to the group. I
have had MANY people saying they have the same problem e-mail me directly
rather than posting to the group. I think our Mac audio problem is
under-appreciated. Please help correct that.


OK, this is a copy of the original mail I previously sent to Doug directly:

> Please let me know if you determine the cause of the problem you
> described. I have similar problems with a similar system. I also
> have a MacIIci and System 7.0.1. In addition, I *do* have a cache
> card, but my network connection is via a 14.4K modem and PPP. I
> have set up my own reflector to test with, and have the reflector
> sending my video back to me so I see both the "local video" and
> the reflected image. I did not expect the audio to work due to
> relatively slow network connection, but the video locks up on
> the reflected image pretty much as you described. Thanks....