No Audio on a Quadra 840AV

Guy Gondor (GGONDOR@A1.PFC.Forestry.CA)
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 03:52:00 -0500


I am trying to get CU-SEEME.68k0.70b15 (although the About Box
indicates the version is CU-SEEME.68k0.70b14) running on a Quadra
840 AV (System 7.1). I have been unable to get the voice portion
working (both sending and receiving). Strangely enough, I have
got it running with Maven 2.0d21 which I thought the CU-SEEME was
based on.

What happens is the audio dialog box appears, I have never seen
the sliding scale for the audio signal change at all. "Push to
Talk", "Send", "Rec", and "Lurkers" are all checked. If I use the
mouse and press on the little Mac with the speaker still nothing
happens. When I try and uncheck the box titled "Push to Talk" I
get the following error:
SPBOpenDevice Failed

And finally, the application quits. I can only get the
application started again by blowing away the preference file.
Any idea why this might be happening ?

Thanks for your help,
Guy Gondor
Chief, Informatics
Dept. of Natural Resources
Canadian Forest Service

P.S. Does an archive exist with all of the listserv questions and
answers somewhere ?