audio problems

Kevin McCoy (
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 13:16:00 -0500

Hi everyone,

My audio problems have gone from bad to worse. I'm running
version 0.70b14 on a Mac 840AV, 32meg, ethernet-to-T1 connection.
Over the past month I have had periodic problems with audio, the same
as others have described--audio works for a few seconds then cuts out, never
to be heard again. I was just disconnecting and reconnecting until the audio
worked (a clumsy but functional work-around).

Now, just having returned from the holidays, when I first started CU-SeeMe,
there are major problems. It started up OK: local video, connecting to
various reflectors, etc -- but when I opened my audio window, it instantly
showed that same error that Guy Gondor reported:
SPBOpenDevice Failed
err= -227

It did this twice, and now, on the third try it gives this message right when
I initially lauch the program. It won't even function now.

I have been using this exact version on the same machine for months, now
this crash comes out of nowhere. What gives? Any ideas?

I haven't tried Guy's tactic of trashing the preferences file (which I don't
want to do since it has a huge reflector list that I had to type in manually!)

Add my name to the audio blues list.....

Kevin McCoy
Starwave Corporation