Re: CU-SeeMe connect requests overloaded the network

mike.richards (
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 15:16:24 -0500

I've recently put up a Reflector here at BellSouth. I have a
PS/2 mod 95 with OS/2 2.11 and IBM's TCP/IP 2.0 w/latest CSD's
applied. It doesn't have video or audio, but cuseeme, the latest
beta, comes up fine in "lurking" mode. I'm also running the
latest reflector beta reflecting an internal MBONE NV and VAT
session. Video works fine. We can't get audio working on the
lab Mac or other Windows PC's.

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> Subject: Re: CU-SeeMe connect requests overloaded the network
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> I notice in thi previousl posting that the address was
> I am trying to run Cu-SeeMe on a PC with OS/2 for WIndows in a Windows
> shell. I have IBM TCP-IP for my protocol stack. When I try to get
> Cu-SeeMe to work, I get "error binding to UDP port (10048). Is anybody
> at your organization able to run Cu-SeeMe within OS/2? Have you had
> this error message?
> Patrick T. Stingley
> (301) 713-0882 x104