Alan Larson (
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 16:19:38 -0500

This message

Too many lurkers - go buy a camera!!!

does indeed seem to be an example of particularly poor style.

I had hoped that CU-SeeMe would be the beginning of a realization
that there were people at the other end of the wire, and the beginning
of the end for digital flaming.

The previous writer had pointed out several good points of netiquette;
such as not sending stationary images for long periods, or barging in to
a reflector sending video without looking first. (Sort of the equivalent
of listening first instead of just interrupting a conversation.)

Now, Cornell sets up the reflector to discourage this good behavior.
Not only that, the message from the reflector is rather hostile and
assuming. It tells me to buy a camera. I guess it doesn't recognize
that I have three of them right here, and probably one or two connected
(yes, I do use the ability to switch from spigot to quickcam input, very

Perhaps we would be better off with a means for reflectors to reject
high resolution images, or do network congestion control, than to have it
encourage me to turn the transmitted image to all black (or color bars)
just to get in.