Re: audio problems

Richard Cogger (
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 18:46:41 -0500

First, Nicknames are in a separate nicknames file, which you won't lose by
trashing prefs. Second, check if you have turned on anything else, such as
speech recog, express (software) modem with geoport, etc. that uses the
sound manager or the dsp in the 840. The SoundParameterBlockOpenDevice
failure means that the sound manager refuses to open, usually because it's
busy with something else. Yes, the message could be more informative.


>Hi everyone,
>My audio problems have gone from bad to worse. I'm running
>version 0.70b14 on a Mac 840AV, 32meg, ethernet-to-T1 connection.
>Over the past month I have had periodic problems with audio, the same
>as others have described--audio works for a few seconds then cuts out, never
>to be heard again. I was just disconnecting and reconnecting until the audio
>worked (a clumsy but functional work-around).
>Now, just having returned from the holidays, when I first started CU-SeeMe,
>there are major problems. It started up OK: local video, connecting to
>various reflectors, etc -- but when I opened my audio window, it instantly
>showed that same error that Guy Gondor reported:
> SPBOpenDevice Failed
> err= -227
>It did this twice, and now, on the third try it gives this message right when
>I initially lauch the program. It won't even function now.
>I have been using this exact version on the same machine for months, now
>this crash comes out of nowhere. What gives? Any ideas?
>I haven't tried Guy's tactic of trashing the preferences file (which I don't
>want to do since it has a huge reflector list that I had to type in manually!)
>Add my name to the audio blues list.....
>Kevin McCoy
>Starwave Corporation