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Sat, 7 Jan 1995 05:16:46 -0500

On Fri, 6 Jan 1995 wrote:
> Seems like you may be one of the "oldtimers" here. Have you or anyone seen
> discussion on the scroll box (lack of) in
> the connection selector, despite edits to cuseeme.ini (which I assume bel
> ongs in the \windows dir)? Is there a path requirement?

Michael Sattler <> regularly posts
"CUSeeMe Nicknames (with comments) List" (last was 3 Jan 95)
to this mailing list. Thanks to Michael for an excellent
and current reflector list. The reflectors in this list
often show a World Wide Web site. These can be a gold mine.

Limit of 5 reflectors in MRU list:
I can't put my hands on the documentation, but it is well
known that the Windows version of the CU-SeeMe client
(latest is ver 0.34b3) will not keep more that 5 reflector
names, regardless of whether you put them in by menu or
edit the .ini and try to number higher. It's just one of
those things.

Location of cuseeme.ini:
Your Windows directory (usually C:\WINDOWS)

One way to browse a lot of reflectors:
A) Telnet to your ISP and start your mail reader. Display
Michael Sattler's most recent Reflector List with the site
you want on the top half of your screen. Start CU-SeeMe and
resize it quite small in the lower right of the screen.
You should now be able to <num lock> and key reflector
IP addresses directly into the dialog box. To get a new
site's number, <alt esc> to your telnet session, <space bar>
(at least for pine) and there's another site displayed.
B) Just like the above but work from a downloaded copy
of the list displayed in say Notepad (finer scroll control)

One way to reduce "Closes" of the CU-SeeMe client:
Go after sites rarely active - ie that one that's live about
5% of the time - these sites that don't send back a steady
packet stream are able to be disconnected - therefore check
them first. Leave the "certain to be live" sites till the
end of your session as you will certainly have to "Close"
your client, and this may cause a Winsock GPF.

Just a quick observation:
I am delighted to get the chance to receive video from around
the world (over my 14.4 SLIP connection). I'm not hollering
at the development team to add colour, sound and 30fps func-
tionality to a remarkable and innovative prototype. Let's keep
in mind the research community provides this software to us
without charge. Thanks very much.

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