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peter_r._de vries (
Sat, 7 Jan 1995 17:03:43 -0500

At 05:16 7-01-95 -0500, Matthew Sanderson wrote:
>On Fri, 6 Jan 1995 wrote:
>> Seems like you may be one of the "oldtimers" here. Have you or anyone seen
>> discussion on the scroll box (lack of) in
>> the connection selector, despite edits to cuseeme.ini (which I assume bel
>> ongs in the \windows dir)? Is there a path requirement?
>Michael Sattler <> regularly posts
>"CUSeeMe Nicknames (with comments) List" (last was 3 Jan 95)
>to this mailing list. Thanks to Michael for an excellent
>and current reflector list. The reflectors in this list
>often show a World Wide Web site. These can be a gold mine.
>Limit of 5 reflectors in MRU list:
>I can't put my hands on the documentation, but it is well
>known that the Windows version of the CU-SeeMe client
>(latest is ver 0.34b3) will not keep more that 5 reflector
>names, regardless of whether you put them in by menu or
>edit the .ini and try to number higher. It's just one of
>those things.
>Location of cuseeme.ini:
>Your Windows directory (usually C:\WINDOWS)
>One way to browse a lot of reflectors:
>A) Telnet to your ISP and start your mail reader. Display
>Michael Sattler's most recent Reflector List with the site
>you want on the top half of your screen. Start CU-SeeMe and
>resize it quite small in the lower right of the screen.
>You should now be able to <num lock> and key reflector
>IP addresses directly into the dialog box. To get a new
>site's number, <alt esc> to your telnet session, <space bar>
>(at least for pine) and there's another site displayed.
>B) Just like the above but work from a downloaded copy
>of the list displayed in say Notepad (finer scroll control)
>One way to reduce "Closes" of the CU-SeeMe client:
>Go after sites rarely active - ie that one that's live about
>5% of the time - these sites that don't send back a steady
>packet stream are able to be disconnected - therefore check
>them first. Leave the "certain to be live" sites till the
>end of your session as you will certainly have to "Close"
>your client, and this may cause a Winsock GPF.
>Just a quick observation:
>I am delighted to get the chance to receive video from around
>the world (over my 14.4 SLIP connection). I'm not hollering
>at the development team to add colour, sound and 30fps func-
>tionality to a remarkable and innovative prototype. Let's keep
>in mind the research community provides this software to us
>without charge. Thanks very much.
>Matthew Sanderson CIS: 70733,2700 'net:
>delighted to practice cuseeme with you when you want
>rgds, ruud de vries
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