QuickCam sound and Mac IIci

Dane Spearing (dane@rescomp.stanford.edu)
Sat, 7 Jan 1995 21:40:32 -0500

I recently got a Connectix QuickCam to use with CU-SeeMe, and I must
say, it works delightfully. However, I have found that there is apparently
a bug in CU-SeeMe 0.70b15 that prevents the sound input from working
properly when using the QuickCam as the input device on a Mac IIci.
Other Macs do not seem to have this problem with the QuickCam.
I am also apparently not the only one to have experienced this

Does anyone know of a solution, or if this problem is addressed in
version 0.80??? Many thanks!

Dane Spearing --- Residential Computing --- Stanford University
dane@rescomp.stanford.edu -- (415) 723-4800