Sending multiple video streams to 'nv'

Iain Campbell (
Sun, 8 Jan 1995 12:10:35 -0500

I'm having problems sending multiple video streams to nv from a 3.0b1
reflector (by multicasting).

If there are two or more video streams on the reflector, only one stream is
shown as available on the 'nv' browser. The displayed name of that stream
changes continually, stepping through each of the names of the streams on
the reflector. When that stream is opened its window title changes in a
similar manner and the video displayed is a psychedelic mixture of all the

What seems to be happening is that the data in the individual streams are
thought by 'nv' to be one stream and it displays them all in the one

Anyone else having (or even better, had and fixed) this problem?



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