QuickCam sound vs CU-SeeMe

Larry Chace (rlc1@cornell.edu)
Sun, 8 Jan 1995 13:45:38 -0500

Several folks have recently mentioned problems with CU-SeeMe and QuickCam
audio. We have not managed to update the README files, unfortunately, but
let me assure everyone that:

1. We know that the QuickCam audio (or any serial port audio input device)
does not work. For some values of "not" it just doesn't transmit any
sound. For other values of "not", it might crash.
2. The author of the audio code has been working on this. As soon as a fix
is developed, I'm pretty sure we will send out an announcement and produce
a new version of CU-SeeMe.

Larry Chace (rlc1@cornell.edu)