Sendto errors - fatal?

Steve Loboyko (
Sun, 8 Jan 1995 16:32:43 -0500 wrote:

>Finally I'm up and running with my R/T board on the PC! This looks like it
>will be great fun. I get the following error:
>WriteOCPacket():'Sendto" error-[10005]
>Am I doing something wrong and how can I make the error stop happening?
>MSDOS 6.22 / 486DX2-66 / 8MB / Windows For Workgroups / ComputerEyes RT

>And I never get a connect to Cornell's reflector. Is it up and running?


I get a significant # of these errors over PPP with Chameleon/WfW3.11 on a
486DLC40 with a (still not fully functional) ProMovie Studio video cap
board. They don't seem to be fatal (they don't stop images??)
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