ques. re: mbone w/ cuseeme

MICHAEL L. BENSON (mbenson@osf1.gmu.edu)
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 15:08:40 -0500

What is the status of using cuseeme with the mbone? (I
read the faq's, etc...)

I need to know whether the cuseeme can broadcast to the mbone both audio
and video.

I need to know whether the cuseeme program can receive audio and video
that is being broadcasted on the mbone.

I need to know whether 1 & 2 are possible with the use of reflector software.

If these are not possible, what is the timeframe that one of these will be

I want to be able to send video and audio to the mbone and to pc's and mac's.
I understand that the audio on the PC is slow in getting implemented with
cuseeme. I was hoping that I could either use a cuseeme setup on a MAC
to capture video and audio and then relay that to the mbone or
(preferably) capture it on a sun workstation, send it to the mbone and have
a reflector take both the audi and video information and retransmit it
in cuseeme format.

We currently have a setup that has sd,nv,vat and wb all working to give
class presentations over the mbone. We would like to extend it to machines
such as Mac's and PC's.