Re: Re[2]: CU-SeeMe connect requests overloaded the network

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Mon, 9 Jan 1995 18:30:39 -0500


I looked around to see if I could find a external server where you could
download the latest CSD of DOSBOX, but have not found anything. It's hard
to tell what is only accessible by external users and what I have access
to internally within IBM. You might try looking on IBM's Web homepage
at for the latest TCP/IP CSDs. If I come across any
other external server, I'll send you a note.

As far as the "no response" from the reflector sites, you need to make
sure that you have Internet access on the system you are using and that
the TCP/IP ports CU-SeeME is using (7648-7651 I think) are allowed to
transmit/receive across the network. If you don't have Internet access
or the port numbers are blocked then you will get the error message you

My reflectors are currently on this side of the firewall, so you can't
see them. I'm working on setting some of the reflectors open to the
Internet, but it will be sometime later this year before that happens.

Steven K. Womble

>> Thank you Stephen. I used the procedures you recommended and found
>> that the DOSBOX rev. was not recent enough. Now I have another
>> question. I can get the Cu-SeeMe dialog box to come up and I have put
>> my name in the "your name" box, then I have tried and tried and tried
>> to access any of a half dozen systems today, but I always get no
>> response from [ip address/reflectorname ]. Is this because of the
>> "lurkers" already on the system? Could I see your reflector site so
>> that I can test my setup?
>> Best Regards,
>> Patrick T. Stingley