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Tue, 10 Jan 1995 04:02:20 -0500

Dear Hanz,

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>Subject: Whiteboard support
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>Is there any whiteboard support in CUSeeMe ?
>Or is there any Whiteboard program out there that work with CUSeeMe and NV ?
>Thanks for the info.

Nope, I don't think so.
But if you run Cu under OS/2 2.1 or Warp with the TCP/IP Base Kit you
could use the functions of the Person-2-Person programs, that gives you
Conferencing (up to 8) of whiteboard, clipboard, talk util and VIDEO (given
the right hardware which I havn't). Works very well here on our LAN,
even on my cranky 386, would like to give it a go over a bit more distance
(we are looking at it to provide simple conferencing between 2 labs aprox
30 miles apart), anyoneout there using P2P over TCP/IP want to try [] it's running most of the time except
when i'm tinkering with the config.sys!.
Best Regards.
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