reflector 3.00b1 problems

mike.richards (
Tue, 10 Jan 1995 10:49:01 -0500

I've created the new reflector on the SunOS 4.1.3u1b 3.3
multicast, Solaris 2.3, and SGI Irix 5.2 platforms. Only
the SGI "reflect" will reflect a VAT session to its clients.
The SunOS 4.1.3 client doesn't reflect at all when run on a
4.1.3u1b 3.3-multicast box. It does work on a Solaris 2.3
box. The Solaris 2.3 client runs for a few seconds and then
core dumps. Any ideas. I'm using the SunPro ansi compilers
in the Sun environments.
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