CU-SeeMe and Connectix QuickCam

Nick Ivanov (
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 07:52:17 -0500

Dear All,

I'm new to this mail list so please don't blame me for asking a
question that's been answered before. I wonder if there's a chance to
run CU-SeeMe to send video from Connectix QuickCam digital camera.

I've been involved in many CU-SeeMe sessions in Russia under the Global
Lecture Hall project of GLOSAS. I've seen much interest in the
technology from Russian universities. The only bad thing is that basic
hardware needed to run a sending node costs too much for many
educational organizations here.

QuickCam seems to solve the problem since its end-user cost here is
about $150. I tried to start CU-SeeMe v.0.70 with QuickCam few days
ago. The software failed to recognize video source despite that
QuickCam provides regular VDIG driver and all QuickTime-capable
software recognizes it all right.

It would be great to have an ability to use CU-SeeMe with that camera.
It's very simple, elegant, and inexpensive solution and it should be
very popular. What do you think?

For those who don't know what QuickCam is: it's a 4-bit grayscale CCD
camera connected through Mac serial port; it's capable to digitize
320x240 window at 15 fps which is enough for CU-SeeMe. It has a
built-in microphone as well and might be used as a sound source for
audio part of CU-SeeMe (don't work with v.0.70 either).

Please send your replies to my address as well as to the maillist as I
haven't received subscription confirmation yet and can miss some

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