HP-UX Reflector Setup

Wed, 11 Jan 1995 10:55:26 -0500

I am looking for help from anyone who has successfully set up a HP-UX
reflector. I am trying to install version 3.0b1 on a HP9000/735 running
HP-UX 9.03. I receive the following statements when I issue the 'make'

cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c reflect.c
cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c socket.c
cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c control.c
cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c util.c
cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c load.c
cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c refutil.c
cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c client.c
cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c distribute.c
cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c ocp.c
cc -g -D_BSD -DDEBUG -DMULTI -c mbone.c
rm -f reflect
cc -o reflect reflect.o socket.o control.o util.o load.o refutil.o clie
nt.o distribute.o ocp.o mbone.o
/bin/ld: Unsatisfied symbols:
setlinebuf (code)
*** Error code 1


Can anyone share their experiences to help solve this problem?

Mick L. Johnson email: mljohnson@mmm.com
3M Company phone: (701) 642-8711 x1133
Data Storage Diskette Division fax: (701) 642-8206
Wahpeton, ND 58075