audio mode on a macintosh

Uri Wilensky (
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 18:34:21 -0500

Hi, I am a new user.
I am trying to test cuseeme (macintosh 0.70b14) in audio only mode.
I have two macs in my office. One is a duo 280c docked in a
dock II. (
The other is a macintosh CI. (
I have two problems with the software, one major and one minor:

major: I can't seem to get any communication going between the two
macs. I couldn't find clear instructions on how to connect, so I tried the
"intuitive thing" and nothing happened. What I see on the dock is an
audio window with a audio "thermometer" which is sensitive to sounds I
make. But when I try to connect to the other mac, it does nothing. I
tried connecting from the other mac and it was equally futile. I get
no response at all, not even a message saying "can't connect".

minor: on the CI, it only allows me receiving mode since it finds no
audio input. Does this mean, I need to plug a microphone into the CI
sound port?

Any help appreciated. I really want to use this software.



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