Re: CU-SeeMe0.70b15 on 660AV
Wed, 11 Jan 1995 22:16:56 -0500

>Hi all,
>Here's another new explorer of CU-SeeMe. I've tested the software on a
>Quadra 840Av with another 660AV machine. A video cam is not available, so
>I hook a video recorder to the video in-port on the 840AV instead. Managed
>to get the 660 to receive the video (hurrah !). But whenever I try
>sending or receving audio from the 660AV got this error -
>SPBOpenDevice Failed
>err = -227
>and then the s/w crash. Any idea why ?
>Thanks in advance,
>-aNN :)
>..from Singapore

Cut your audio out (Sound control panel) to 22.050 Khz and Monitors to 256
colors and everything will be fine.