Help! QuickCam on printer port

Frederick Chu (
Thu, 12 Jan 1995 06:01:23 -0500

Hi all,

I wonder if anybody with QuickCam camera installed can help me with the
following problem.

I bought two QuickCam cameras hoping to set up video link (using CU-SeeMe)
between a Centris 610 (connected to Ethernet) at the UCL Medical School
where I work and a Quadra 660AV at home.

For the Centris, the camera was connected to the modem port and everything
is working fine.

However, for the 660AV at home, since I have to connect to the Medical
School via modem (Geoport telecom adapter), therefore the camera had to be
connected to the printer port. When I installed the software, although I
was warned that AppleTalk was being used by some other software, the
installation was successful.

When I launched QuickMovie, I got no warnings of errors but:
i) a black picture.
ii) under Settings - video: Conectix QuickCam was greyed out and "built-in"
was selected.

When I laucnched QuickTake, I got no warnings of errors but:
i) a black picture
ii) under File: the printer port was checked but Greyed out.

After I switched off AppleTalk, both QuickMovie and QuickTake worked, but
of course I could no longer use my modem. When I switched AppleTalk on
again, the modem was OK but both QuickMovie and QuickTake failed again.

To summarise, I need the modem port (Geoport) on my 660AV for setting up
video link with the Medical School, so the only port available for the
QuickCam camera is the printer port. But when the camera is connected to
the printer port, it would only work if AppleTalk is turned off, and when
AppleTalk is turned off, the modem failed.

I would be most grateful for any suggestions.

I have Apple Remote Access and Timbuktu installed on the 660AV.

Please email me direct as well as reply to the list. Thanks.


***Frederick W Chu, Email:
Division of Molecular Endocrinology, Tel: +44 0171-636-8333 ext 3225
UCL Medical School, Mortimer Street, Fax: +44 0171-580-2737
London W1N 8AA, UK.