Re: Macs and microphones

Christopher Davis (
Thu, 12 Jan 1995 15:07:05 -0500

BD> == Ben Domenico <>

BD> Apple strikes again. That change in microphone jack "standards" has
BD> wasted considerable time at a lot of sites. I'd love to hear the
BD> reasoning behind it.

The older machines that included microphone jacks (the IIsi through the
older Quadra/Centris models) used mic level input.

The newer machines (Power Macs, AV machines, etc) are designed for
line-level input. In order to make a mic that will give them line-level
input, they needed to supply power to the mic. To supply power to the
mic, yet make the jack usable with "normal" RCA to miniplug cables (for
VCR or laserdisc or stereo input) they supply power at the end of an
"extra long" plug. This is why the manual says you need the PlainTalk mic
rather than the older mic, and why the old gray attenuator doesn't work
either (you don't need an attenuator).

Personally, I prefer having it as a line-level input. It works better
that way.

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