Hanz Makmur (makmur@cs.rutgers.edu)
Thu, 12 Jan 1995 16:59:09 -0500

After playing with CUSeeMe, I have come out with Mac Wish List.
I love it but it has some missing features:

- Whiteboard
- QuickCAM audio support
- Ability to enter NickName in term of name instead of IP#
- Ability to do multiple connect mac --> Mac & Reflector, Mac --> 2 Reflector.
I think this requires MultiCast support for MacTCP.
May be after macTCP 3.0 comes out this feature can be added.
- Ability to reduce the video window to 80x60 resolution or smaller to speed up
the mac and to fit many participants on 13 inch monitor.
- Better audio format and smaller size. I think telephone quality is good
enough. Right now, audio is broken up when too many people participates.
- Compatibility with Unix NV, VAT.
- Ability to prevent new participants to pop out in the middle conference.
A notification sound is enough to indicate new participant.
- Ability to choose to send video or sound to selected
more than one participants.

Just wishing....!