Web page Cu-seeme Launch?

David Maxwell (maxwell@bilbo.pic.net)
Thu, 12 Jan 1995 18:43:56 -0500

I have a few questions that I need help with...

I have found that in windows you can pass an address of a reflector
as a command line parameter. I need to know how to launch a cleint
Cu-seeme session from a web page (netscape viewer)..
Is there a standard for doing this?

I can set up Cu-seeme as a helper application in netscape and set to
launch for an extiotion such as .cu ...example
nysernet.org.cu (Is there a standard for this?)
Then I created a file nysernet.org.cu that was 1byte (a blank) so it
would pass the address to the Cu-seeme cleint package
(And so I would not get a file not found in my HTML) But because
of the first period it would never launch. Netscape saw org as the
extionsion. (I think)

Should I pursue a Mime type launch? How I do that?

I thought I would start here first with these questions.