Re: Hardware question: NTSC video card for Mac IIci?

Nick Ivanov (
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 05:53:44 -0500

Michael Sattler <> wrote on Fri, 13 Jan 1995
01:58:00 :

> I just obtained a Mac IIci for the right price (free). I'm on the
> for a video camera (probably a tourist-grade hand-held model) and a
> that'll let me use the camera/board/computer as a CU-SeeMe device. I
> fit long cards into the Mac IIci, and I believe they're the
> cards.
> I'd appreciate hearing the good and bad experiences of folks who've
> this sort of grafting.


I have successfully used SuperMac VideoSpigot with a VHS camcorder and
a Quadra 700 without any problems; worked fine. Spigot has composite
(RCA) and, I believe, semi-component (S-video) input jacks so it
doesn't matter waht type of camera you use. It should have no problems
working with anu NuBus Mac II. Bad news is Spigot is discontinued.
Combined SuperMac/Radius now sells VideoVision Studio card in the price
range of 3 grand.

So try to find Spigot for the right price - you won't be disappointed.

Hope this helps

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