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Chuck Elliot (
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 07:04:52 -0500

If your IP address is allocated dynamically by a service provider then you
need to change it in the hosts file (and in Trumpet if not automatically
read-in by
Trumpet) after connection to SLIP. You also need to
make sure that Trumpet knows the IP of the router/DNS server. Again, if you
are connecting via a service provider then it will be their router and not the
one on any LAN you are usually connected to. The trace option in Trumpet
can help in tracking down some problems.

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>HI all. i am having trouble connecting with slip and winsock by tattam.
>anybody out there using this combo that could help out? it says that none
>of the reflectors are responding. then i get, errors about hostname.
>Error using specified IP address, hostname or alias
>is there something special i need to do besides edit the hosts file in
>my winsock directrory and make it say
> scottf
>any help would help famously!
>scott farnsworth
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