A general report from Australia

frank scott (fscott@suburbia.apana.org.au)
Sat, 14 Jan 1995 00:23:44 -0500

I have been trying out Cu-SeeMe on a 486-66 with VideoBlaster and CCD camera
for a few weeks now and have noticed a few peculiarities.

1: on trying to disconnect from a reflector CU seems to continue reciving
data stream and fails to disconnect, generally requiring an exit from the
s/w and reset of the com line.
2: There are very very few Cu users in Aust, although here at suburbia we
have a small growing number.
3: the cpu intensiveness of CU seems to freeze other apps running via winsock.

HOWEVER on the up side i can report that the visions i see from MAC users
seem to be of a much higher standard than those from pc users, is this a
quirk of the VB or an up side to being a mac owner (please no flames).

if anyone would like to have an AUST - US AUST - EURO conf
let me know and ill fire up on the Melb. Univ reflector

may i take this time to thank the developers for what i believe will turn
out to be one of the most revolutionary pieces of software for the net since
ftp. :)

frank scott

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