Reflector 3.0b2

Richard Cogger (
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 09:50:23 -0500

Sender: (John Lynn)
Subject: Reflector 3.0b2

Reflector 3.0b2 is available for ftp at: /pub/video/reflector

There is the usual tar file which includes a new readme. This time, the
readme file is also available seperately if you want to look at it before
deciding to download the whole thing.

Changes between 3.00B1 and 3.00B2

All of the changes between versions B1 and B2 have been
bug fixes - no new features have been added. There are
still some outstanding bugs that haven't yet been corrected
in B2 and you should anticipate another bug fix version B3
to be out in a week or two.

1) The conference id feature was basically broken

2) The MAX-SENDERS and MAX-LURKERS configuration
features had some problems.

3) When using the Mbone tools vat and nv there
was a problem if a client went from being
a vat and nv client to just a vat client.

4) The correct version number was not always being
set for nv clients, so sometimes when looking at
the version information on the CUSM window, it
would not say nv client.