CUsm Source Licensing

Richard Cogger (
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 10:27:38 -0500

We are preparing to release CU-SeeMe source code (most of it) in
the next couple months for the Mac and Windows desktop clients. As several
organizations have approached us about licensing for commercial
distribution, we have decided not to put the code into the public domain or
otherwise do an unrestricted free distribution. Note that the reflector
sources continue to be freely available, although we don't promise that
will always be true.
There WILL be a free distribution of CU-SeeMe source code from
Cornell, but with some restrictions so as to preserve the value for those
wanting to develop the technology commercially. Details are being worked
out; stay tuned.
We hope to license to one organization for commercial development.
That organization would then sub-license (with fees and royalties) to
anyone else desiring a commercial license. They might also produce their
own products for end-user distribution (sale). Possibly, there would need
to be additional sources of sub-licenses in other parts of the world.
This announcement is intended as an invitation for anyone who might
be interested in commercial licensing and development to get in touch, make
a proposal, etc.
Incidentally, we DO plan to continue to develop and distribute free
versions in executable form, as we presently do. This distribution will
include the new Plug-In interface and Plug-In Software Development Kit,
permitting others to develop and distribute add-on function modules with
little restriction. (See announcements of version 0.80b later today or
early next week.)