Re: CUsm Source Licensing

Marc-Andre Schenk (
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 12:59:57 -0500

This had to happen I guess.

But wait a minute! What about all of us who set up reflectors and
showed CuSeeMe to friends, students, commercial entities, ... and who
(in a very small respect, I agree) contributed to the proof of
concept of CuSeeMe, by sharing some (and sometimes much) of the
bandwidth of our networks? Are we left with nothing?

To me, the essential advantage of CuSeeMe is (was) its non $ nature.

This non $ nature kept CuSeeMe alive. For where are the commercial
Internet providers who will be ready to host reflectors?

Note that as of today January 13th, the "" reflector, which
has been up and running since October 12th, hosting several thousands
connections, WILL BE STOPPED.

>Another quality product sees the dollar signs.
>> Folks,
>> We are preparing to release CU-SeeMe source code (most of it) in
>> the next couple months for the Mac and Windows desktop clients. As several
>> organizations have approached us about licensing for commercial
>> distribution, we have decided not to put the code into the public domain or
>> otherwise do an unrestricted free distribution. Note that the reflector
>> sources continue to be freely available, although we don't promise that
>> will always be true.