Re: CUsm Source Licensing

Gary Vankirk (
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 16:28:17 -0500

I don't get the idea that Dick is saying that we will no longer be able to
freely use CU-SeeMe, just that the source code, which we haven't had
anyway, will be commercially licensed for others to develop. Also, Dick is
saying that Cornell will continue to work on improving their product.

AND IT IS PRODUCT! (A good one, I might add.)

I imagine that it will be something like Mosaic. The advent of Netscape
hasn't stopped development on Mosaic, nor has it prevented anyone from
using the free, parent software. The funds that Cornell will receive from
licensing could actually be a boon to us "freeloaders" by giving additional
resources to the developers, some of which could be used for CUSee-Me
improvements. So give 'em a break, somebody has to pay their salaries.