RE: CUsm Source Licencing/Windows rag

Steve Loboyko (
Fri, 13 Jan 1995 22:56:11 -0500 wrote:

>I am deeply disappointed that such an announcement has been made prior to
>the completion of a working: Windows video/audio version. This had
>better not steal your drive to complete the task you announced so long;
>long ago!

I completely agree with this statement. Most of the remaining problems other
than audio are very trivial, and, IMHO, the fact that they have not been
addressed by the authors or a college student who can write in C and can
read the "WritePrivateProfileString" section of the SDK help file and/or can
trim a string of whitespace are indirect evidence that the Windows version
has been short-changed of time and effort. Certainly, the fact that the Mac
version is considerably ahead of the Windows version is additional evidence
of this.

If ya can't finish it, let the "finishers" finish it!
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