Re: more SLIP connection help

Michael Sattler, San Francisco (
Sat, 14 Jan 1995 10:41:10 -0500

At 01:49 1/14/95, Scott Farnsworth wrote:

>hello, iu am having trouble connecting with slip (dial up)
>someone suggested tracing. and when i look it logs a lot of stuff, but
>the program still saysno response. it gives lotsa names and stuff
>at say cornell. any ideas why no connection, though there is communication
>going on?

Sadly, this isn't a bug report that's useful because it doesn't contain any
information that would help anyone debug your connection. What software are
you using? What does your network admin say? What does MacTCPWatcher say?

If you're getting no help from the people at your site, I can heartily
suggest you blow $25-ish and pick up Adam Engst's book "Internet Starter
Kit for {Mac,Windoze}".

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