Bandwidth control (was Re: CuSeeme - NLnet-Transatlantic udp (7650)) blocked

Ko Stoel (
Sun, 15 Jan 1995 06:22:13 -0500

> If there are participants hooked to the reflector with caps set at
>80, and lots of receivers (all those lurkers) have good connectivity and
>report low loss, then one person hooking via modem will get one of those
>80k streams by opening any window, along with the control message 15k.
>Clearly this load will have to lose 60% or more in the terminal server.
>Unfortunately the loss reports going back to the sender won't have much
>impact amongst all the low-loss reports.

So, if I understand it correctly;

vice versa

For the current implementation of CUSM;
If lots of receivers (all those lurkers) have BAD (=low bw) connectivity
and few receivers have high bw, all having the same window (sender) open,
then that high bw sender throttles back significantly and the few GOOD
receivers get less data.

(don't take the next to serious please)
In social terms :)
The few rich suffer from the abundant poor
(1)Can't see..?.. have 80k on, so.. [scroll .. scroll...] (2)No, good setup
here too [scroll...] (1)Lot's of modems lurking at us :( [scroll..]

So if you want to demonstrate to the guys with the thick glasses , which
happen to control the money, don't use Conference ID 0 . (new Reflector
version should honour that now

BTehighW I use Scope on the Mac to expand 1 or more CUSM window even
further (on 20inch display), for demo purposes .

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