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Stan Borinski (
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 09:24:42 -0500

Nick Ivanov writes:

> On Sun, 15 Jan 1995 13:12:32 (Gary Vankirk)
> wrote:
> > Is the card that comes in the "Apple Video System" (from Apple) a
> Video
> > Spigot in a different wrapper?
> I'm not sure which Video System are you referring to. Apple sells two
> bundles that include video card. One is called something like
> "Multimedia Authoring Kit" and contains SuperMac DigitalFilm
> low-resoultion videocapture card; another one is something like
> "Professional Video Kit" and comes with Radius VideoVision Studio. I
> think you're talking about the latter. I believe VideoVision card is
> compatible with the Spigot but I wouldn't bet my life on it.

Actually, I think Gary's referring to the "Apple Video System" that is an
option for the Quadra 630. From Apple's Gopher server:

'/Apple Press Releases/July.1994.Releases/94.07.18-New.Multimedia.Macs.tx.txt':
# Watch Video and Capture Images or Sequences with a Single Button
# With the Apple Video System, customers can connect a video source
# such as a camcorder or VCR to their computer and view the video in a
# resizable window on their display. Additionally, a customer can
# capture an image taken from a video, copy that image and then paste
# it into a document such as a school or business report, family
# newsletter or business presentation. Video sequences can also be
# captured allowing users to create dynamic presentations with
# QuickTime movies rather than the static text, charts, and graphs used
# in most presentations today. In many cases, VideoShop from Avid will
# also be included, allowing users to edit video frame-by-frame and add
# titles and special effects.

It's also described pretty well in the Macworld issue reviewing the 630.
(Sorry, don't have that issue handy.) In it they mention the digitizing
rates that *Apple* engineers were striving for, so I doubt it's a Spigot in

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