CU-SM for Windows & Intel Indeo -- any hope?

Ken Hoover (
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 12:28:56 -0500

Greetings! I have a PC equipped with one of those Intel Indeo cards that
has a reputation for putting images upside-down. I've updated to the
latest drivers, and also have MS Video for Windoze 1.1. I'm running
Windows for Workgroups, and am using the MicroSoft Wolverine TCP/IP stack.
I have the latest CU-SM beta for Windows (v.0.34b4).

I am able to connect to a reflector and receive video from it. I haven't
tried audio in either send or receive.

I have a couple of questions/problems that I'm running into with this setup:

1) When I start CU-SM, I get two error messages indicating "unimplemented
function". What could be causing this, and can I fix it? CU-SM seems to
run normally, except as noted below.

2) As one of the README's indicated I might, I get upside-down images
from a video camera attached to my system. The image is also a
photo-negative of the original. Is there any cure for this short of
dumping my video card (which isn't an option)? I am able to capture live
video using another Windoze application - it works fine, is oriented
correctly, and in full color.

Can someone tell me if there is/isn't a solution for these problems?

Thanks for any help you can give!
- Ken Hoover

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