Re: Black Outline Box
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 13:31:20 -0500

> Would Someone tell me what the little outline box or frame around the
>video window means and why it keeps blinking on and off.

The black border means that CU-SeeMe is using the general Mac toolbox
routine, CopyBits, to update the video window, which it does whenever the
video must be cropped (i.e., when the window is not fully exposed).
Otherwise, CU-SeeMe will draw directly to the screen, which is must faster.
The black border is drawn to alert you to the performance penalty, which
may or may not be significant depending on how many windows you have open,
how often they are being updated, how fast your machine is etc. You can
get rid of the border by moving your video window or whatever is obscuring
In the version 0.80, soon to be released, the borders are not so
obtrusive (half the width) and also there is a preferences item which
allows you to always use CopyBits, which is necessary for proper operation
in some circumstances. In that case, the borders are omitted.

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