RE: Collins' complaint

Christer Ericsson (
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 17:05:43 -0500

While Mr. Collins mail may not have been worded diplomatically, I'd bet it is
very true that new PC users (certainly myself) are frustrated at this point
in not being able to become full-fledged CU-SeeMe users (i.e. receivers and
senders) because of the fact that the two recommended, tested boards for
PC/Windows - Creative Labs Video Spigot and FS200 - have been discontinued.

That frustration is compounded by the fact that there hasn't been a lot of
info, at least on this list, about workable, reasonably priced, and currently
available alternatives, nor on what boards will be tested/supported in future
PC/Windows releases of CU-SeeMe (should I be following a different list for
this info, though ?).

That's no reflection on the CU-SeeMe development team, though, who I feel are
doing excellent, breakthrough, and benevolent work. I know of no other effort
in this space that is doing more to bring desktop videoconferencing to the
masses than CU-SeeMe.

So, to turn Mr. Collins wording around, somebody please DO tease me with
information about capture hardware to be supported/tested for the next release
of PC/Windows CU-SeeMe, and about the capture hardware options besides
the Spigot and FS200 boards that are generally known to work (well) with
CU-SeeMe on the PC/Windows platform. Is there a definitive list somewhere ?

I'd rather be teased than frustrated :-)

John Faherty