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Mon, 16 Jan 1995 13:06:15 -0500

I've replied to all because I haven't seen much about NT so here the
answers I have so far:

CUSeeme does work fine with version 3.5
there are only two capture boards with drivers (included on the NT 3.5
CD) which are the Spigot and Bravo if I remember correctly. I swapped my
VBSE for a Spigot and it works just fine. I've searched the net and
haven't found much else for capturing.

On Mon, 16 Jan 1995, Vijay L. Koduri

> Greetings!!
> I am new to this group, so I have some general questions . I ***REALLY***
> would appreciate any and all information on these...
> 1) Is it possible to run CU-SEEME on top of Windows NT? What are all the
> hardware and software platforms that support CU-SEEME? Other
> requirements?
> 2) Where can I get more documentation on the architecture used by CU-SeeMe
> and also some on installation?
> 3) Can I setup videoconferencing within my local LAN by using a UNIX machine
> as a reflector? Does this machine need to be dedicated? What are the
> hardware / software platforms required for reflectors?
> Thanks a BUNCH in advance,
> Vijay Koduri
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