2nd Post <<Amazing Events>>

John Carey (john@carey.com)
Tue, 17 Jan 1995 03:01:44 -0500

Disclaimer: This is the second time I have posted this due to the fact that I
haven't yet received my copy of it back from the Cornell List Server. If it
is redundant, I aplolgize!

Two Amazing and Unlikely CU-SeeMe Event Announcements:

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< FIRST THE PAST >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

On Friday, January 13 1995, for what we believe is the first time,
stereoscopic video images were sent over the Internet. During the test,
CU-SeeMe client and reflector software from Cornell University was used to to
broadcast a left and right image. Those images were viewed using a special
viewer consisting of a computer screen and a set of cardboard blinders. The
object upon which the cameras were trained was a space ship miniature that was
used in the production of the soon to be released motion picture, "Plan 10
>From Outer Space", which was produced by Walter Hart and directed by Trent

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< THEN THE FUTURE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

On Wednesday, January 18 1995, at 2:00 PM Pacific Standard Time, a related but
possibly even more spectacular Internet event will take place also using
CU-SeeMe technology. A press conference roughly coinciding with the screening
of "Plan 10 From Outer Space" at the Park City Film Festival will occur on the
Internet. Among those participating in the press conference will be star
Karen Black and producer Walter Hart. There may also be an interactive
segment where Internet users will be able to query the participants of the
press conference using Internet relay chat (IRC) or Maven.

We urge you to participate in this historic event so here are the particulars:

1) Conference starts at 2:00 PST (6:00AM GMT/UTC) on 18 January, 1995.

2) A special reflector will be established for the event and it's IP address


4) McChurch.org, which may be the only if not the first electronic religion,
has kindly donated server space so that "Plan 10 From Outer Space" can have a
home. The Plan 10 URL will be http://mcchurch.org/plan10/ and while you are
at it, stop in at http://mcchurch.org and say a prayer for all of us involved
in this project.

5) Watch this list for further details concerning Maven and IRC.

Thank you for your attention and we'll be C'n you!

John (john@carey.com)