Still have GetHostByName Problem ?????

Ted G. Kekatos (
Tue, 17 Jan 1995 15:46:19 -0500

Well, I am sorry to say that I still have the "GetHostByName" problem.
I have received several helpful replys to my prior posting, and I have
tried the suggestions. but I still have the same problem. I have added
some more details regarding my configuration below.

Question: Is there an INI file for CUSEEME ? If so, could I please see
some examples?

Question: Can someone explain to me what exactly CUSEEME is trying to do
during initialization. What is it looking for in the HOSTS file?
Maybe I could figure out how to configure NetManage correctly.
Is the source code available somewhere?

One suggestion said to the set the DomainName in NetManage's SNMP setting
"Host Admin" dialog. This seem to have an effect, which
delayed the display of the same "GetHostByName" message.

My problem & Configuation:

When I execute CUSEEME.EXE, I get "GetByHostName() failed (11004)" message.
I've got a "hosts" file in my NetManage directory. My own hostname and
IPaddress is listed. I can Ping my own node by hostname. When starting
CUSEEME.EXE, the NetManage NEWT program starts up minimized. WINSOCK.DLL is
located in the NetManage directory. I have tryed copying CUSEEME.EXE into
the NetManage directory.

What's the secret to getting passed this message?

I've got the following configuration:
Windows For Workgroups 3.11
NetManage NFS 4.0 (up an running )
CU-SeeMe for Windows version 0.34b4
VideoBlaster. (up an running )
MS VideoForWindows 1.1a (I can create AVI files)

I got REFLECTOR 2.40B4 running on a SPARC workstation on our ethernet.
I am able to run REFMON.

I do not have DNS (yellowpages) running on the SPARC Or on any machine on
my network. We each have our own HOSTS files on each machine.

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